Welcome to Karate Kids
​Classes for Children
aged 6.5 to 8 years Old

Welcome to Team Black Belt's Karate Kids Programme, where every young champion’s journey begins with fun and ends with newfound confidence, self- belief and skills!

Our programme isn't just about teaching karate—it’s a holistic approach to nurturing your child’s growth, both physically and mentally. Through engaging lessons and exciting achievements, we strive to boost your child’s confidence and self-esteem.

Our classes begin with a 'Courtesy and Respect' bow, an essential practice that instills fundamental values from the very start. Following this, we engage the children in a playful warm-up game, which not only gets their energy up but also sharpens their focus for the structured martial arts training that follows.

At Team Black Belt, we understand the importance of making learning enjoyable. Our structured martial arts programme emphasizes a balance of fun, focus, and skill development. Each session is designed to be dynamic and engaging, ensuring that your child is excited about learning new techniques and applying them in their daily lives.

By participating in our Karate Kids Programme, your child will not only learn effective self-defence but will also develop a robust set of life skills that go beyond the dojo. We pride ourselves on creating a supportive and motivational environment where children thrive and unlock their full potential.

Invite your child to start an exciting martial arts journey with us and watch as they grow stronger, more confident, and more respectful with each class. Enroll today and witness the transformation that Team Black Belt can bring to your child's life!.